Tuesday , May 17 2022

Video: Saint Ndiaye equips a hospital in the holy city after Tivaouane has transported more than 400 ox


In the footsteps of her grandfather Aly Madjiguène and her father Baye Alé, Aziz Ndiaye and her brothers, through the eyes of the council chairman, Seynabou Gaye Touré, offer a medical ambulance and medical equipment at Mame Abdou Aziz Dabakh hospital in Tivaoune. A section of Tivaoune. Elimane LAM supported the project with three (3) million FCFA contributions.

After receiving medical ambulance and medical equipment (drugs, beds, Massata, Abdou Aziz and Baye Ndiaye decided to establish six (6) kitchens in the holy city for the restoration of pilgrims.

And for a good Maouloud 2018, Ndiaye brothers will offer more bulls, cows and sheep to religious families, poor and large kitchens.

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