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"Video games represent a future for young people in Africa"

Abidjan, organized by the Electronic and Video Game Festival on November 24, 2018 in Cote d'Ivoire
Abidjan, November 24, 2018, during the "PES" tournament (football match) organized by the Ivory Coast electronic and video game Festival. SIA KAMBOU / AFP

" I came to win ! "launches Cheick Kamagate, hoping to win the tournament PES A football match during the second festival of Abidjan's (FEJA) Electronic and Video Game is an event to promote the video game industry in Africa.

19 years old dedicated to his passion Uruclu single "Three to four hours a day", I want to buy game equipment with the bonus given to the tournament winner. "If I can, I'll work as a developer in video games, but I'll work in the US"says this future computer science student.

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According to studies by global consulting companies and telecom operator Orange, Africa currently accounts for only 1% of the global video game market. The most important countries are Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa. However, it is a promising starting point due to its demographic vitality, youth and thirst for new technologies: less than 25 years and a half billion, many people connected to the Internet and one billion phone subscribers. Half of the mobile phones informed Serge Thiam, an expert consultant for playing on a smartphone.

Players from over a dozen countries

"The video game represents a future for young people in Africa, the source of these new jobs, a way of driving life"Ivorian, the creator of Paradise Game and founder of FEJA, Sidick Bakayoko, says.

The festival, which was held for three days, is more than a tournament, on Sunday November 23, Sunday (November 25th); It aims to tell young people how the video game industry works, what the industry offers and how to train them. In order to attract public interest, ın actors veya (professional actors) from ten continents were invited, participating in different tournaments of adventure games or e-sports as well as Ivorian visitors.

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If jealousy and enthusiasm are real, Sidick knows Bakayoko, if financial means are missing in Africa. Young people are free to play. "Economic model to be found". There is no data on the total number of jobs represented by the sector in the continent.

Bakayoko has about 300 game studios, but less than five people run micro-enterprises. With some success stories, The adventure game of the Cameroon studio is like Kiro & # 39; s the Aurion (the fallen king was trying to win back his throne) was broken internationally.

Cultural diversity

According to Bakayoko, which must differentiate itself from Africa to differentiate its cultural wealth, several studios are beginning to emerge in Madagascar and the Central African Republic. The common point between the Aurion, dahalo, Malagasy Studio developed by Lomay, or Children in Savannah Togolese creator Pio Jules Tchedou: In a world dominated by Western or Asian games, they draw attention to the cultures of the countries.

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A commitment that is greatly welcomed by players in FEJA. «I want to create an adventure game inspired by Soundiata Keïta», The ruler of Mandingo and founder of XIII Mali's empireto In the XVII century, Elie Kouadio, a 24-year-old computer graphic student, explains Kouamé & # 39; September

22-year-old Burkina Belko Diallo playing in the tournament Street warrior (fighting game), see more. This dream medical student "To merge [sa discipline] and video games using specific gaming technologies for medical games ".

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