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Totally celebrated 50 years in Congo (CEO) in 2019


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14.11.2018, 12:18

The group will celebrate 50 years with a 50-year “beautiful holiday ya in the Congo. APA learned about the Congolese presidency quoted by the multinational French CEO, Patrick Pouyanne, on Wednesday. This statement took place at the end of the hearing with Congolese President Denis Sassou Nguesso at the end of the hearing yesterday in Paris (France) on Tuesday, November 9, in the French capital.

"We will organize a beautiful party in the Congo for this fiftieth anniversary in 2019. I will be there and I hope that the President will fulfill the honor of joining us," Pouyanne said.

At the end of this hearing, which took place on the sidelines of the Paris Peace Forum, the Total CEO said that the trade was traded to Congolese President on the production of Total in the Congo.

Karşıla We made the point and welcomed the newest member of the Congo family, namely the deposit of Northern Moho, whose production exceeds expectations. “

According to the Total CEO, despite the economic situation pointing to lower oil prices, the group expects hydrocarbon production to increase with the increase of technological innovations.

"We have several projects. We want to continue the exploration in Congo. We have open sea and coastal exploration projects for 2019".

The total firm, which has been present in Congo since 1969, is the first oil operator with about 2/3 of the national production. It invests in the long term to ensure the durability of its production and contributes greatly to the development of the Congo.

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