Friday , April 16 2021

The birth of Justin Bieber’s weird Rolls-Royce

Took three years To complete the customized Rolls-Royce Wraith at West Coast Customs with the styling inspired by Justin Bieber’s Rolls-Royce 103EX concept (see below) This project is finally completed and thanks to videos shot from birth to delivery, West Coast Customs is returning to its long production process.

Originally, Bieber wanted to buy the 103EX, but this vehicle wasn’t even drivable. This was a style exercise that highlighted the future of the brand. Instead, West Coast Customs worked with the star to create a Wraith with a different style to look more like the concept.

The team started by scanning the outside of the Rolls Royce to find the exact shape of each body panel. West Coast Customs teams then used this information to create molds for the new body kit.

Wraith now has skins that hide the wheels and make the coupe appear to be floating on the road. There’s also a new front end with a more sophisticated design and sculpted fenders that give it a flowing look. The tuner has also developed a unique lighting hidden along the lower edge of the body, providing a particularly striking effect in the dark.

Inside, it’s hard to develop what Rolls-Royce does. West Coast Cutoms changed the colors of the leather to match the exterior design. The biggest change is to improve the sound system. Setup by a professional includes amplifiers with a sliding section in the trunk. A true gem for this already impressive vehicle.

The video also shows the moment Bieber received his personalized Wraith, and he was impressed. The reaction is understandable as Bieber now has a unique Rolls-Royce unlike anything else on the planet.

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