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TFC: When he doesn't want to laugh … – 11/11/2018

One of his players (the score was signed by Blin, he opened a loan), was denied a goal after a few slowdowns: Toulouse is unlucky. But bow 4 times in 4 games.

Gradel's wrapped (3rd), the keeper of Picardie, who watched three miraculous positions of his keeper Régis Gurtner (Grammar & Mubandjé & # 39; The strictly closed closure of Manu Garcia in 25, in a 90-part piece of Gradel, is 25. In the meantime, the former's coup: Alexis Blin, borrowed from ASE by Téfécé in mid-September without celebrating and almost apologizing, but counting (0-1, 27)!

A sharp punishment for a hand of the Monconduit, who stood against the left-hand side (45). A goal by Gradel still refused for part of the video's smuggler Dossevi (66th). Finally, in extra time (we're weighing the words, we played 96 minutes), a chisel has always turned back to the captain of Haut-Garonne, though …

The defense still works!

There are such evenings. If nothing turns in your favor. This was the case for a more private Toulouse at the last moment – the list continues indefinitely – Steven Fortes had to throw towels on the muscle injury. To recreate Alain Casanova's defenses (center, especially): Amian, transferred by Moreira, Stade-Vélodrome in Marseille (1, 0-4), is the same as when opening the sad memory ball. sliding direction.

In short, when we "penalize" the players, we'll be really annoyed at a stadium that's emptied a little slower than usual for the distribution of notes. Challenging, indeed, to blame the team – even if he missed the bite in the first fifteen minutes of the second period. He tried almost everything: Jullien, who played the last 10 minutes to the center and Reynet in the last corner. He needed a case where Max-Alain Gradel 's acrobatics volley with Thomas Monconduit' s upper chest diverted. There was no hand. No. And Matthieu Dossevi on the realization of the Tambourine's term in the Devil's time (although a micron existed) had an illegal position: 66. This was not invented …

Failed by VAR

That's why we chose Régis Gurtner from the game, and this season we could choose to do video help at an L1 meeting until the arbitration we didn't remember being used very often. Since they're not idle on their little bus, let's tell them: MM. Thomas Leonard and Alexandre Perreau-Niel were two assistants from Wattellier yesterday. What are her eyes?

This morning, TFC needs to cry.

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