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Summit meeting in Conmebol after Boca-River fiasco

In the next edition of Copa Libertadores after the suspension, the presidents of the two clubs met on Conmebol's headquarters on Tuesday to try to find a new date, until River Plate and Boca Juniors, the final round of the Argentinean football big rivals.

The violent incidents around the stadium, the betrayal of perpetrated players and leaders: Since Saturday, the world of football tends to be an hourly event around this meeting, this South American competition is the equivalent of the Champions League.

The footage of the river supporters standing on the buses of Boca players, the clashes around the stadium, the arrests, were slipped into a tear gas cloud on the streets of this luxurious district of Buenos Aires.

When tens of thousands of spectators gathered in the stadium on Saturday, including FIFA President Gianni Infantino, the organizers had to postpone the meeting until further notice.

The bus entered the river compound with several broken windows. The players coughed out, the eyes became irritated. Captain Pablo Pérez was hospitalized for a medical examination.


Passion and competition show that meetings between Argentina's best-known clubs, River Plate and Boca Juniors, are regularly sucked from events.

Moreover, these scenes of urban violence are the worst effect of the G20 summit in the capital of Argentina on 30 November and 1 December in a few days. rich and developing countries.

After accepting the postponement of the match, Boca Juniors is demanding the green carpet victory after Saturday's event. The first leg is a 2-2 draw.

Across the street, River Plate President Rodolfo D 'Onofrio condemned the betrayal. "I can't believe you can't keep your promise, we signed a document, we shook hands, and then I heard that Boca had conquered Conmebol and said they were champions with the decree." Radio D is the Onofrio Radio Volunteer. "

Without supporting the request for suspension by Boca Juniors, Onofrio said the match would be played on Saturday night, because Conmebol insisted in this sense, despite Pablo Perez's injury and injury.

Call for compromise

Boca is demanding the approval of the River, because the Boca bus's stone and tear gas attack was committed by ultra supporters who took advantage of a defect in the security device of the River Police.

Buenos Aires security chief Martin Ocampo resigned on Monday.

In addition to Tuesday's meeting of Presidents, Boca's sanction against the River must be reviewed by the Conmebol Disciplinary Board, an independent body of ten members. Source in confederation.



Conmebol President Alejandro Dominguez called for a compromise between the presidents of both clubs. Ası This is much more than a sports title in question. Or all players in South American football are united to end violence or violence will end with South American football. Veya he warned.

In 2015, in an eighth final between the two opponents, Boca Juniors won a penalty in the match lost on the green carpet (3-0) because one of the fans was repulsed to the irritating gas players. River Plate, in the inflatable tunnel that leads the locker rooms to the grass.

Diego Maradona, a fan of Boca, put two cents. Vermek I want to win on the field, but if we don't comply with the standards, we need a penalty and the penalty is to give Boca points. “


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