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Spain on trial for blowing national flag

A Spanish comedian was tried on Monday to blow the national flag during a television draft and said he was concerned that "a clown was brought in front of the judge".

"As a citizen of this country, I'm concerned because we bring a clown to do his job before the judge.

A Madrid court found that the comedy complaint by Alternativa Sindical de Policía was acceptable. This union condemned the crime against the symbols of Spain.

In this draft, he published a program at La Sexta at the end of October, and Dani Mateo sneezed and then confused himself with an apology from the Spanish flag, assuring him that he "did not want to break the Spaniards, the king." or the Chinese selling these tea towels. "

Freedom of expression discussion

"The flag symbolizes the unity of a people. Respect it. It doesn't do it, it doesn't humor, it blames those who are proud and their lives and the efforts for the values ​​of peace and freedom that it represents", Civil Guard in Twitter after sketch.

Many Internet users, or Spanish artists, are currently on trial for their recent statements or lyrics, and this has started a lively debate on freedom of expression in the country.

In late May, Valtonyc fled to Belgium not to face a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence to "apologize for terrorism." Spain is demanding extradition.

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