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Barea yesterday, Sudanese, Vontovorona sports complex has scored three goals. Sudan, after losing the same score against Madagascar in 2017, took revenge.

Slackening, lack of success, lack of concentration or otherwise …
There are several reasons to explain the defeat of the Barea to Sudanese yesterday (1-3), the fifth in Von 2019 and the penultimate day in the penultimate day: a draw against Senegal in this year's play, Ecuador Guinea has ended with two victories against what happened and a regression against Sudan.

The Sudanese, who perceived them as cold, was really surprised by the early minutes of the men of Nicolas Dupuis, an early target of Moses' head (2, 0-1). Dabo didn't move the action with one finger, he was totally disappointed by all his teammates. After that, the Malagasy election was sentenced to work after the score.

Barea, left (Bôlida (12)) left on the left heavy blows Morel (8), including many opportunities. They clearly dominated the first half, but they could not find the error. They stumbled into a castle with a big goalkeeper in front of them.
The equalizer can be (and should be) in one copy of the Njiva (40 & # 39;) after a minute. In the center of Bôlida, which was seen last night, the FC Sukhotai striker found himself five meters away from the cage, but he didn't break his balloon.

The Purpose of Carolus
And one of these golden goals in the two teams in the locker room where the visitors fell to the zero, the first period after the beginning of a general struggle was finally calmed down by the referees.
In the second half, Madagascar re-launched his quest for equalization with less intensity. On the contrary, the Sudanese nibbled a few balloons that were dropped by Barea.
And this is a Malagasy error at the origin of the second target, in which case a harmless touch change. On the right wing, then with a combination in a center continued an action and ended up with a shot of Abdalla on the ground in the penalty area.

Dabo was on the run, but he slowly released the ball, which turned the ball away (61, 0-2).
Malagasy choice definitely needed a new breath. Amada, wounded and Njiva replaced Zotsara and Carolus were charged with bringing oxygen to this breath. As against Senegal, Carolus scored a few minutes after landing.
He closed the gap with a pivot stroke of sixteen meters (76, 2-1). At that time, Madagascar may have real hopes of grabbing at least one draw.
Gros, who played ten minutes after the end of the regulation period, could have scored the second Malagasy goal (83), but his head was rejected by the mission. Success is like his side, since the Sudanese add a third pawn.
Instead, Yasir took advantage of a dispute between Fontaine and Dabo to kill the game precisely (85, 1-3). The match ended with the same point as in the first match between the two countries, but this time in favor of Sudan.


Nicolas Dupuis, Madagascar Manager
If they win, they deserve it. Speaking of relaxation, human. But I still felt the players. We dominate the game and if we do the game again, we will win it nine times. But there, there was the beginning of this match and this early goal too.
Faneva Ima, Scorers from Madagascar
We didn't focus on the first target. Each player must question himself after this defeat, which seems like a slap to us. We must play together and collectively. On the other hand, this result is not related to concerns at the federation level.
Ahmed Abdalla, Sudan midfielder
We didn't expect to win this game, especially after losing at home in our first game. We are pleased with this victory and a beautiful revenge.

Technical page

Madagascar vs Sudan
The fifth day of the CAN 2019 qualification
Stadium: Vontovorona, Antananarivo
Attendance: about 12,000
It's cloudy
Referees: Bamlak Weyesa, Temesgin Atango, Belacehw Kaplan, Belay Asserese (Ethiopia)
Yellow cards: Faris (40th), Bôlida (41st)
Goals for Madagascar: Carolus (71)
Aims of Sudan: Moses (2), Abdalla (61.), Yasir (85.)
Latest score: 1-3
Madagascar: Dabo, Metanire-Bapasy (Gros) -Fontaine-Morel, Marco-Amada (Zotsara), Bôlida-Njiva (Carolus) -Paulin, Faneva (Cape)
Senegal: Hassan, Hüseyin-İsmail-Elyas, Ahmed-Mamoun-Safur-Hassan-Abdalla (title), Moses (Yasir) -Abakar

Bolida (12) was very entrepreneur yesterday.

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