Wednesday , December 2 2020

Senegal: Urbasolar exports its self-consumption to Africa

Since 1999, in Senegal, through its subsidiary Sococim Industries, it has a 14 hectare plant specialized in Vicat cement. As part of the control of production costs, he urged Urbasolar to design a solution that alters six generators that currently supply their facilities. " We discovered the shares of this project by talking to Vicat. The energy at the Rufisque site is 30% of the cost of cement production and does not mention the ecological impact of fuel use. Ini Arnaud Mine, founder and chairman of Urbasolar, says, d This is how the plant will accommodate the largest non-grid power plant in Africa on self-consumption monitors.

Panel control and task timing

Urbasolar, which has an installed capacity of 250 MW since its production and has a quarter of international level, is one of the champions of the sector. Montpellier knows how to design a solution for each request: « The project took two years to mature because it was necessary to develop highly precise software and installation management tools that could suggest programming tasks based on production estimates. "Arnaud Mine says.

Every day, the viewers forming the 2,500 photovoltaic panels of the region will analyze the meteorological data and combine them with the plant's different operating data to propose an optimal organization of the work, modeled on the solar energy production hypothesis. . The facility will be optimized on a daily basis to provide the electricity needed by the plant without storage batteries. What is the kilowatt cost per hour by dividing three and CO2 emissions by 10,000 tons per year.

Skill transfer

Urbasos modeled solar power plants in other African industrial plants in the cotton sector in Burkina Faso. This field knowledge will be used in the ambitious project of Rufisque. " In Africa, we know that climatic conditions involve technological choices to withstand temperatures or clusters of dust. In an isolated site, we know that valuable time is devoted to know-how transfer. "Arnaud Mine says. Vicat is once again the owner of a 7 MWp plant, which he built, and it is a more important specialty.

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