Thursday , July 29 2021

Security threats and drift of the Net: Macky asks the armed forces to stay on guard

MACKYYY 696x473
MACKYYY 696×473

Fight against drift in social networks is the desire of the president of the republic. This morning, he chaired the 15th edition of the celebration of the days of the Armed Forces in the Dial Diop region.

"The Internet and criminal activities have become common points of all drift. From Fakenews to any kind of initiative and verbal harassment, no one is protected, including our religious home. The values ​​of our attacks and social cohesion are weakening. , "He insists.

Macky Sall wants the armed forces not to bow to these actions. . We should not give these authorities the meaning of the national cyber security school with a regional profession, which we started with the public authorities and jointly established with France for the national security of cyber security.

He also spoke of security threats. However, he decided to continue his efforts to ensure that our defense and security forces continued to fulfill their mission in the best possible conditions.

) The world is facing a revival of real or potential threats. We must be on our watch at all times.

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