Thursday , July 29 2021

Saint-Louis: Five canons captured, damage estimated at 120 million

Saint-Louis, November 12 (APS) – Five canoes and crews from Langue de Barbarie in Saint-Louis Monday through Sunday, reported estimated damage of 120 million CFA francs.

Pape Diop, the spokesman for the National Senegal Workers' Union (UNAPAS), said the accident took place strongly and caused several canoes to be grounded.

He repeated that Langue de Barbarie fishermen made a call to Macke Sall to quickly detect a breach in the mouth of the Senegal River, to ensure the safety of fishermen. These fishermen only fish as an activity to support their families.

For Pape Moustapha Ngom, who is responsible for watching the coast of the northern region, fishermen must follow the weather warnings to avoid risks at sea.

According to him, Along the fishing area of ​​the Louis coast, the yellow flags & # 39; Earlier this week we were deployed to avoid sinners on the sea at any time, deployed to attract sinners' attention to the risks and dangers in the weather alert.

When there is a green flag, it means no danger, the yellow flag sistematik warns of possible dangers and red, this systematically bans any adventure in the sea during this powerful swell Yeşil, he added.

Fisheries, agriculture and animal husbandry, actors in the Saint-Louis region have become sensitive about the use of meteorological data on Wednesday.

Saint-Louis hosted a training program initiated by the National Agency for Civil Aviation and Meteorology (ANACIM) in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization and FAO. The ANACIM official, Awa Toure Diop, was about strengthening the flexibility of communities and supporting developing countries against the effects and impacts of climate change.

"People are experiencing and feeling the effects of climate change, and today is the time to react and organize to be more resistant by using climate information spread through early warning systems," he said.

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