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Sadio Mané is back in the history of Premiere League! – African Sports


Liverpool was shaken by a brave team from Cardiff City this weekend, but in the end it was a great success for Klopp & # 39; s men to confront their leadership position in the championship. Their final exit was far from reassuring the attackers who had successfully succeeded, away from their usual standards. The Reds kept the pace in the Premier League, sometimes with narrow and troublesome points, to keep citizens out of reach. This week, we saw Liverpool in the early days. Entrepreneurs, overflowing with transmissions, multiplied, found the level exhibited at the beginning of the exercise. The cream in the cake, the endless trio, begins to regain full ownership of its vehicles. Both Mane and Salah – our two African representatives – have recently brought back the event to all Anfield's tastes.

In a few years, we have won a gala Sadio Mané, which is a little more involved in the years of the championship on African players. As a matter of fact, local Bambaly (folding his fifty goals) in his 50th birthday scored him with the Reds, Enver's Senegalese striker in the history of PL. In addition, the player is in the ranking of the best African strikers in the history of the English championship.

In the last three meetings, Sadio Mané is on the same basis as Mohamed Salah, who has made up his clinical achievements with four successes. It was the black hole of several games after four days of the Senegalese rule. By censuring about the coldness, he ended the passage of the desert, which also provided a historical record. In addition, former Salzburg is the first Senegalese player to reach the iconic mark of 50 goals in the First League. Sadio, the best Senegalese striker in the history of PL, returned a little more in the history of the Reds. He managed to create a legend in the four seasons of the channel. In Southampton, the twirling striker scored 21 goals in two seasons in a team playing on the soft landing gear of the Premier League. His transfer to Liverpool allowed him to improve some more statistic, because in three seasons with Reds (now considered), Mané 29 is the pawn. Better, this season has a 6-point rate in 9 seasons, leaving a lot of time to clear the tables for the first season (record: 13 goals).. In the meantime, a historical Mané giving us a recital this week is just as magnificent as it is in a magnificent way with a second target.

Where do lions go in the list of the biggest African players that this championship knows? He's approaching here. Because this week, two times is enough to be happy. In addition to his record on the national stage, he climbs calmly to the continental front. In a ranking dominated by the legends of the continent such as Didier Drogba, Adebayor and others, With fifty achievements, Mané makes a stunning entry to become Africa's seventh best goal scorer.. It is already very successful for Sadio, which aims to shake up the absolute legends of the English championship and raise the contrast colors a little. To say that its real role is not to transform opportunities. A closer look reveals that the players who occupied this table were pure strikers except Yaya Toure. From Drogba to Adebayor, through Demba Ba, they are all special to thrive on the axis. This ensures that the sum obtained by the lion is even more proud for a player of the corridor.

Sadio Mané's weekend couldn't be more fun to record his goal and be the 7th best scorer in Premier League history. Eating at the biggest and greed table for now, he seems Senegalese never becomes unsaturated. The revival of the form falls as high-level games and challenging opponents will soon move on. But at this rate, if not yet, it has all the beings to go even further in history.


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