Friday , February 26 2021

"Respect" has been postponed to Youssou Ndour's 30th November

Birane Ndour's mother Adja Mourning her family after the death of Katy Cisse, postponed the release of her resume album "Respect" Youssou Ndour on November 28th.

Selected new date is 30 November. Less than 5 days.

Youssou Ndour's reputation as a subscriber to the "high bill generation" label has earned the reputation of Beat's quality over the years. Again this time, with a delicious dose of international dance, melodies and sounds with local scents will create many music lovers. In any case, the album's indiscreet ears still listen to the quality of this new album.

Respect! Grieving and pointing out in a warm way on November 30th.


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