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RAM begs for liberalization of African skies

African airlines gathered in high massafraa (African Airlines Association) is moving at full speed in Rabat. The meeting, which organizes the 50th annual general meeting of the association, aims to bring all continents' air transport stakeholders together to discuss the problems, challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Today, despite the large population, the continent's air transport represents only 2 to 3% of global air transport. And it is clear that all the bosses of the airlines gathered in Rabat are available: there is potential, but there is still a lot to be done to increase traffic on the continent.

" air transportation One of the biggest challenges facing the African continent. The existing budget is very important, because Africa represents more than 16% of the world's population, while the volume of air traffic is insignificant. "It is clear that there is tremendous potential for development in Africa." Mohamed SajidMinister of Tourism and Air Transport.

For Royal Air Maroc, this is the 50 promoterpearl The AFRAA General Assembly, to be held on November 27th, is the time for African air transport operators to join forces to influence the international scene. "This meeting is an important capital for us. It is about bringing all the African airlines and all the actors of the continent's air transport together to share experiences, to change and discuss the innovations that will bring our passengers' profits," says Abdelhamid Addou, CEO. Royal Air Morocco(RAM).

"Like most airlines, most of the growth must come from us, but unfortunately, non-African companies are doing the most of the traffic, so our mission today is to know how to transfer, further develop and innovate to become the leading airlines on the continent. ine So we have to own African companies for African passengers, ine he said. ine RAM is one of the leading companies that can carry this service quality to different African cities and capitals.


In fact, competition from European airlines such as Air France, Turkish Airlines or Brussels Airlines is difficult. Even companies from the Gulf countries have now determined their place on the continent. Kenya Airways or even if you have RAM Ethiopia Airlines As a reference, the truth is that international carriers that provide growth on the continent.

In the face of this situation, African operators are calling for a union. Most of the officials who met in Rabat during these 50pearl The AFRAA Assembly expressed its wish to see its initiative. Single Market for African Air Transportation Supported by the African Union (AU) (MUTAA). This is the liberalization of the African skies to accelerate the growth of air traffic. Mohamed Sajid, "There is a lot of work to be done in terms of harmonization and regulation among African countries." He added that African countries are required to strengthen co-operation.

Morocco participated in the MUTAA initiatives of the African Union. We've already signed the agreement. But today, all the signatory countries have to turn this initiative in a concrete way to advance in the development of this sector. Fakat In line with this, AFRAA general secretary Abderahmane Berthé stated that the meeting of Rabat aims to play an important role in the liberalization of traffic rights in Africa.

"This meeting is an important turning point for African aviation in the liberalization of traffic rights. This liberalization is even more important as the African population doubles by 2050. And this time our goal is to represent more than 10% of the world's traffic," he said. .

"If we want to improve the connection between African countries, this liberalization is a must. Lowering tax rates is essential to provide adequate services to other citizens. Airports in Africa continue to be the most expensive in the world, with fuel costs around 35% higher than fuel costs worldwide So if we want to generate more traffic and draw more flow across different countries, this liberalization in the executive, according to the IATA, is that every passenger transported to airline companies, while companies around the world are low for their shares, while making a profit per passenger. So, this liberalization is a must today, leşme added Royal Air Maroc CEO Water.

A juicy market for builders

According to their share, airport managers have an important responsibility. "Airports should work to improve the quality of service to attract more airlines. Today, the challenges we face are related to profitability, service quality, etc. We have to work to make our airports more attractive to companies. They help airlines open new routes and increase the number of passengers and passengers at airports Xavier Mary, General Manager of Blaise Diagne Airport in Dakar, says: ve We are in a very competitive world, and for us, Dakar airport believes that Blaise Diagne will get out of the game. ol

Also note that the ambitions exhibited by African airlines increase the appetite of global manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus or Bombardier. Indeed, the rise of the African air transport sector will lead to a huge gain in aircraft. Many national or regional firms will need to strengthen their fleet to support the growth of traffic. Therefore blessed bread, for the global producers who are rubbing their hands. Remember the European Giant air bus It is estimated that airlines operating in Africa will need 957 additional aircraft by 2031 to triple the traffic.

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