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Paul Buquet Award (Gr.II): The moment of truth for Bugsy Malone

Paul Buquet Award (Gr.II): The moment of truth for Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone

Irresistible on grass
throughout the year Bugsy Malone brilliantly won the green trophy
Although he went to the final at Craon. Meeting approaching
Vincennes winter season, coach Philippe Allaire chooses to steer him
without the first two outputs under the saddle and in the discipline,
triumphant, partly justified. Third in the Reynolds Award
(continued after the investigation), in a shorter period, kept the last part
The Prix was the only place in D & # 39; oleron.
to make the distance. On Thursday, Paul faces a good commitment at the Prize.
This time, you could allow him for the first time this purpose
first success in the discipline.

Only raise the competitor
challenge to twenty-five meters, the bilibil I bet everything in this winter meeting
Prix ​​de Cornulier last winter
The second in the Prix de Francele de France. Only two years old was disqualified
autumn, disruption, it is possible to miss more competition and
find a sensitive task at the second level. This will allow him to exit
Get some more before the big deadlines in winter.

Since that moment
who can stand on the road Bugsy Malone and try to do
floor? Very clear and no competitor really coming out
very. Real Thug does all the shopping, but it is more efficient
short distances; However, it should allow its regularity
Chance to defend very well. A Serenade it will end soon
His career in France and the baroud called Honneur here. Despite his
Inexperience in the discipline cannot be exploited. Clegs
withdrew after a long time
"President" at the age of 4 is third in a promising position. Comes in
chained and tried victories in autumn this season
five ambitious transition. Anzi of Anards he performed very well for him
There are only two outlets under the saddle at the wonderful track of Vincennes. she is
just like the claims, just like Marjacq Agreementwho will be for her
his great regularity. Finally, Banney Veloce will try to remember
Good memory after a very disappointing season. Remember his winnings
this event last year …

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