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"No player will be there in March"


Before returning home, the national coach Djamel Belmadi gave us a moment of his precious time to answer our questions, a ram directing his victory over Togo and the national ram who loves the beautiful elimination in CAN 2019 to take the first fruit of a short run. As mentioned, let's follow him.

This time we start out with a new match and victory, a classic question, what we do today and what doesn't work, we start with satisfaction …

There was an application of the instructions and the work we could do throughout the week, especially in this first half, when the players were asked what they wanted in the letter. We can't come here so far, something we've missed for some time, even when I was there, because I'm a coach, and I'm taking the pass, it was very good. Today this satisfaction.

What was the reflection of achieving these changes compared to Cotonou's match?

To be able to apply and place ideas, these players are made with.

You mean the profile of the players …

That's why, after the match against Benin, there was already a selection of ideas with ideas, thinking about this match every day. men, a list in the sense I want, because the players who apply them. For me, there were players who failed in what was proposed and dictated, compared to what was done.

When you say, they've failed, is this a final decision?

No, never, no definitive judgment. By the way, today these players even made a meeting with them, after the game. After eating the food, I congratulated them first, I have a little voice, calmly, I told them to continue to work until the next FIFA date until March, before that we can not meet, most FIFA history can not play, I did not want them to spend enough time. I asked him to do what was necessary since it was a transfer window of the last month, I explained to them that no guarantee was given despite this great victory, I understood what I was looking for. The players took some time, but I guess they figured out what I expected from them.

It doesn't bother you to try out the important official matches of the players, as an approach seems rather problematic …

Yes, in this sense, I'd like to have 6 or 7 friendly matches before this CAN, and I'm not hiding it, I'd be a little more stable, I'd find a big part of the eleventh. polite, but I do not think that it is inherited, that I have to deal with it, but this is a risk. It may be for many people, but I do not see such things, I see the players who react positively, I see their attitudes, because today, let's talk openly about something, a Chita, & # 39; high-risk & # 39; a match in quotation marks, no experience … but I don't see any risk, one day should start, we can start friendly without any pressure, start like that, Not even worse, we are not playing in front of the audience, we have tactical suggestions, very hard working and very Careful, at first we took a bit of a nuisance, but the shadow work, and I'm comparing, because I know what I've seen before, I still see that it's a great contribution, I'm very pleased with it, it's also Belaïli. hasn't made a long time choice, he was the only champion of Africa, he's got a lot of life, one of the things that can give me so much in matches like this, in this game record, he just had to obey the instructions, as he did, put two 8 like Benzia and Feghouli, this can be taken as a risk, but when we know them … (He shakes his head). Benzia is a forward striker, a second striker plays in Fenerbahce at 8 am before going on as a club leader in Lille. My goal was to produce games, to have players who know how to hold the ball, and to be more creative than we have ever had. I know there are actors who are defensive, defending the transition, because they can be a problem, especially because they are aggressive elements. education is what I see when I ask them, and that gives me confidence, so that's not why I'm doing something like this, play as the role of all Relay runner of Sofiane Feghouli, 8.

The layout of today's game (Editor's note from Togo) allows you to believe that this is one of the options … (Cuts us)

We can win with a large score, create many opportunities with very little pay, think that we can work on things like this, if I start to upset everything, we will finally take me. A crazy guy, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm not going to say goodbye, but also a skill with him.

A little …

I understand the importance and diversity of selection and believe me, the night and day I think about it, maybe we can have the impression of taking this risk from the outside, but it is well thought-out for me.

Since the 2014 World Cup, we can talk about the defense site, whether you come from Gourcuff or those who come, we can say that you have these spiny answers today. problem?

I have to tell you about the 3 games I've done so far, we've made two trips to Africa, and it's not the same as playing at home. 3 games, 2 goals scored, a little bit more to taste, but not dramatic, Farès, Bensebaïni whether, I think we are pleased with this defense. , Tahrat, Atal or Mandi also played, we are on the right track, today, if I want to change, I have the opportunity to put on the left side playing Abdellaoui (Mandi) task. Or put Bensebaïni on duty, but I chose Benlamri …

Just tell us about Benlamri.

I don't know if you're chasing him in Saudi Arabia, but I'm fine, because I know there's a championship close to mine, there's a quality, for example, he's recently made a match against the Crescent, almost a player of the match, directly in front of his opponent. As a rival, he was OMG Gomis, Eduardo and Eduardo of Omar Abderrahmane who was a very strong Emirati player, and he had managed this defense alone, and he gave me a good impression of the various practices we did in previous games.

Sunday night earned points.

I won't go so far as to say that it's very important, but he was very brave, sincerely, very willing to join the Algerian national team. We must be an extra soul, play for his country, and we are not just any country, a great nation, not enough to play as a club. I did after the match against Benin, and today my choices were dictated a bit about this.

We're moving into a new chapter, there was a moderate concern, what did you draw to restart it?

I believe that the player, who advocates the adversaries and believes that he will exert pressure like Yassine on Sofiane, is this association, it is only a block, we do not allow him to play, then there is not enough room behind Osama. warrior, everything was not perfect, but it was quite normal, defending what we wanted today and it was something that was being implemented.

We have seen the team's star in Riyad Mahrez, who had been criticized for a long time in the past.

He should see his mistakes somewhere. Now, if we do some analysis, I've told Benin that you should love it before the match, I don't know how you're perceived. Player like this, we need to find something other than easy criticism, trying to put the best conditions. Then there are very difficult opponents in Africa. All of this is a little hard and different from Manchester, critics should be a little more attentive, and this is the way they play to City, and every time, but they play on a beautiful lawn in the city, there are teams. According to the automatism, so you have to be measured, I do not say that it is not open to criticism, but to a moderate criticism, criticism of those who understand football, to a sports critic, to throw such things. Having said this, the player may have things that might explain it, perhaps, indirectly, then there might be things that might explain it, maybe not that land, maybe the environment was not suitable for him, because I'm going to go into details, maybe because I'll touch him and touch other people, We have communicated, loves his country, speaks to people, I tell them that some of them are not honest, Riyadh says something about him when he loves his country deeply, he spends his holidays in the village, these are proofs of connection.

A link to the …

Then, it may not always be perfect, but a player around, we believe, we don't believe, we don't have a choice. Let it go. Benin was at the counter, before the end of the game, on the other hand, a player of exceptional quality, we must do the best, we should do the job, we, the growers You try to be a little more restrained in the media, and put his.

Leaders also have the problem, the national team is struggling to find leaders, not necessarily technical, group leaders need managers?

Already I have players like Rafik Halliche, unfortunately I can't play but I control the group, the races are expensive, the team doesn't play much but I get it for everything. To surround these players, perhaps there is an openness on this side, but the most important thing for me is to have a technical leader who is most interested in me. To have players who know how to take responsibility in all sectors and in all aspects, we saw Djamel Benlamri today and it's been a long time since we played. He was very interested, he raised his voice when necessary, I was a leader, I saw Sofiane Feghouli even if he was not surprised, and for Baghdad Bounedjah, they will show the truth about how he fought in the attack, energy for his poverty, a leader for me and the facts. A technical leader is what interests me the most, after the band's life, it works very well, it's not just a sentence ship, the group is very healthy, there's nothing to say, better and better on this side, that's for sure.

Is there a site that will now attack CAN, Djamel & # 39;

This group is largely flawless, I've seen situations in matches even in this match, I have very special cases, which proves that it is still necessary for me to progress. I'm going to work, where we have evolved, that we are good, that we are good, that we have time, that we need to create what we need to create. I'm going to see the players until March, I don't see them at the stadium and I can't go to the booth and get a little quartet, I'll go to Manchester and talk to the players I'm going to have a good time, m Sit down with them, tell them what to expect to do, tell me what to expect, I don't want them to say that they have a game plan. That's how we see it. No, before that, here, in sectors, etc. You should save time.

Next month, there will be an internship in Qatar, where many local players, perhaps even the players from the Gulf Championships.

Well, if I can trust them, yes, if I can get a Baghdad if he wants to continue …

Saudi Arabia, right?

For example, who played in Saudi Arabia?

Benlamri, Mbolhi etc.

Yes, this is not the national team of the local people, I am not at all, this is a national team, there will be a lot of real New heads and many are playing in the league. That's why they were so tired, the championship was weak, and so on. Yeah, what do we do? All the players in football, more knives in the stadium, everything is not broken, not every drama is a match. I look at those who make this decision and do everything technically, and I look, I look, and as soon as I have the opportunity, I bring back the players, who can bring the players back? At this stage it will be at this stage, that is, if I decide to buy players from European clubs, if I can get some Darfalou, we have served them at some point. we do, we have Boulaya, there are players we try to see, I want a competitive team that I can trust.

Your profile, especially Algerian champion players, are targeting elements such as Chita, that is, young people or … (interrupting us).

I'm sure we won't buy players for 30, 31 years or 32 years with cons, I'll take players who are 20 years old, I already have ready, interesting items, I already have a list in our mind, we will not organize such an internship without names, I have the names of players in my mind and I have very fast to the international level the impression that they can have in the way, we will see now because Qatar is not a small team, they beat Switzerland, they beat Ecuador 4-1, they were in a good momentum, they had the Asian Cup in January. A good momentum will be a very interesting match to play.

CAN you have, 6 months, you have enough time to start a team and do you think you have enough friendships planned?

I have the time I have, I will optimize it, through the internships we discuss there, in March.

Will there be a friendly game on FIFA in March?

Yes, this idea, put 2to Match, pick a nice nation.


Africa, even North African, because it's time to face a team from North Africa, play this game, we'll do our best to save time, that's for sure.

During your first press conference, you said that I wanted to reach the African Cup with maximum precision. Have you ever had them?

We win 4-1 against Togo, he has to play these raises, there is an absolute reason for satisfaction, there are certainties in some regions.

Thank you for making this interview

No problem and since competitionLet me give my condolences to my colleague after the death of his mother, in all these difficult moments we are all in his heart.

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