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Niger: Atlantic Bank changes its visual identity


In Niger, Banque Atlantique launched the new charting charter as part of the Impuls transformation project by the African holding company Atlantic Business International (ABI) and the Banque Centrale Populaire Group (BCP), the 16 subsidiaries in the world. sub – region.

The launch of the new visual identity was held at the head of the bank in Niamey, General Manager Ngan COULIBALY and several collaborators on Wednesday, October 31.

Thus, Banque Atlantique reinforces the DNA of the BCP group and, in this respect, its image with the image of the horse on the image of Niger in order to reflect the subsidiaries of Cte direge, Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal. configuration process.

This change represents a strategic change consistent with the passions and commitments of the BCP group in Sub-Saharan Africa, which was the first African-African banking group to build solidarity and local origins.

Thanks to the sustainable performance of its subsidiaries operating in the fields of banking, insurance, corporate banking and management, the process continues as the ABI holding company is firmly established in the top three of the financial groups in the UEMOA area. dactifs.

About Atlantic Bank

Banque Atlantique is the 3rd largest banking group in the WAEMU region.

Banque Atlantique is available in eight countries of UEMOA:
Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast

Banque Atlantique gives its support to specialized affiliates as follows:
İş Bank: Atlantic Finance
Asset Management: Atlantic Asset Management
Insurance: Atlantic Life and Atlantic Insurance P & C Insurance in Togo, Fôt Ivoire, GTAC2A-Vie and GTA-C2A IARDT

Banque Atlantique is a subsidiary of Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP) Morocco.

About Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP) Morocco Group

BCP Group, one of the first banking institutions in Morocco, is in the top 10 African banks in terms of balance sheet size. It takes its solidarity from solidarity, reciprocity, and its unique organization in Morocco. The Group consists of 9 Regional Cooperative Banks (BPR), a cooperative profession. Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP), the Group's central body as a public limited company listed on the stock exchange; such as private subsidiaries, foundations and foreign banks and representations. The BCP Group is available in 12 African countries and 13 other countries in the rest of the world.

In the UEMOA region, the BCP is based heavily on the Banque Atlantique to build, abut and anchor the first pan-African banking group.

This concept of solidarity implies Africa's commitment to African countries for the financing of major infrastructure projects and the development of social and financial participation and strengthening the link between African diaspora in the world and the countries of origin.
It also shows the strong tie between the Group and its various subsidiaries for better flexibility in the long run.

Niamey, November 05, 2018

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