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Moustapha Diakhaté & # 39; s recommendations


It is an absolute necessity to provoke the offense of insulting religious guides. Moustapha Diakhaté said this in a text published on the Facebook page after the Mame Cheikh "Sikar" case.

" In order to fight effectively, it is urgent to add new accusations, such as anger against the general Caliph and any religious community guide, punishment of crimes against religious communities, under the rule of law.Offenses against religious guides"The former minister's advisor wrote to the presidency.

Mame Cheikh Sikar

He was arrested after a recording of a voice he gave encouraging statements against the general Mourides crescent Serigne Mountakha Mbacké. He refused to be the author of words that aroused a cabal.

Filing task

Sokhna's lieutenant Aïda Diallo, Mame Sheikh "Sikar" was detained on Tuesday. Yesterday, Wednesday, October 30, the Mbour District Court (TGI) puts the deposit in charge. While admitting that he was close to Aïda Diallo during his trial, the Caliph refused to insult General Mourides and Serigne Mountakha Bassirou insulted Mbacké.

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