Sunday , April 11 2021

Mercato: Choose between Neymar Barça and Real Madrid

Target! football club

Brazilian striker PSG Neymar (26) is still popular in Europe. In addition to FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid has not yet promised.

Saying everything he thinks of Neymar, Pep Segura said last week that he will be transferred to FC Barcelona from the transfer window of Brazil. If the Catalan club is still far from reaching its goal, what does the PSG striker think about this people and the unexpected revival?

Spanish daily Marca He thinks he knows the answer. According to our Iberian miracles, Neymar was delighted to hear such a positive message from FC Barcelona, ​​where he still admits his real home. She knows a lot from the services she made to the transfer window in front of Real Madrid.

Realizing that Real Madrid can play with the help of her father and counselor on time and on time, Neymar will be sensitive to this interest, but Barça will give her today's preference.He says the Madrid newspaper. There is no doubt that this story has to be conditioned by the financial space, which the PSG knows how to speak its ability.


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