Saturday , May 21 2022

Marième Faye Sall still amazes her world


Despite the cold and cold that began to settle in the religious city, Marieme Sall surprised the audience and the loyal followers that left the mosque after the Fadjr prayer.
A long white tunic hid under a cover that carefully covers his head, but Zawiya El Hadj was forced to leave the wing of the mosque reserved for women in Babacar Sy, so Marième Faye Sall is spotted by a crowd of viewers and beggars. He walked quietly, not calm, his mind calmed down. Dawn's in trouble. Tivaouane is still sleeping.

Walk quietly, without being seen, without being seen by the mysterious tempo of Marième Faye. Her two petite serious faces follow her at a speed. They keep this beautiful world at a safe distance.

The rosary in his hand stops when Marieme Faye Sall is greeted. His humility and listening sensation make it amazing again.

Then one at a time, the voices rose: "Marième Faye la" "Marième Faye la" actually Marième Faye Sall, "The viewers crying do not believe in their eyes.

Not wanting to be noticed, the First Lady was perfectly assembled in the lane to speed up the steps of the police and return to his residence, which is now facing Zawiya.

A series of interpretations from the faithful, the viewers and the beggars who accompany her in her departure until her residence. "I am the mother migui fiy sogua in Li, First Lady bouy diouli fadir jakka", (This is the first time a Woman, it prays Fadjr 's prayer in Zawiya) "No woman bi yemme na, Yalla fayko" ( C This woman is a blessing, God bless her!), We tell this avenue that still begins to light.

Wazifa sessions, Zawiyas El Hadj Malick, Serigne Babacar Sy …

Already in the conference hall, the chairman of the caliphs of the Tidians, President Macky Sall's homeowner, Serigne Pope praised the qualifications of Malick Sy, family spokesman First Lady and insists to respect it. And Caliph Serigne Mbaye increases the prayer for peace as the foundation of the union between Sy Mansour, Maried Faye and President Macky Sall.

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