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Macron wants to review the EDF model, protecting its nuclear fleet

Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that France plans to close more of Fessenheim than other nuclear reactors 2025 and even 2027 and revised its model to finance its activities from the EDF. rise of the state to the capital of the group.

The head of state has officially postponed the reduction of approximately 75% to 50% of the atom's share of electricity production in the country, which is currently planned for 2035, for ten years.

To achieve this goal, 14 of the reactor 58 of the existing park will be stopped at this date and in the summer of 2020 will cover both units of Fessenheim (Haut-Rhin), the President of the Republic, multi-year energy programming for the next ten years (EPP).

Two reactors will be stopped in 2027-2028, but in 2025-2026 the two European neighbors will be closed in 2025-2026 if they accelerate their energy transition.

"We'll have to shut down coal plants more slowly, because we're going to go faster to nuclear energy (…) or I don't want us to be in a situation that we're going to have to massively increase over the next few years. Emmanuel Macron costs the electricity in a conversation," he said.

Iz Let's stop saying that we need to strengthen the rapid shutdown of nuclear reactors to find the locations of renewable energies. (Ğ) Nuclear energy now allows us to benefit from low-carbon, low-cost energy, de he added.

The oldest crops in the closure of reactors – Tricastin (Drôme), Bugey (Ain), Gravelines (North), Dampierre (Loiret), Blayais (Gironde), Cruas (Ardèche), Chinon (Indre-et-Loire) Saint-Laurent (Loir- et-Cher) – According to the elements transferred by the Presidency to Reuters, the EDF will need to state the list at the end of consultations at the EPP.


Emmanuel Macron said,: I've set a rule for the EDF: not closing sites completely. Reducing the share of nuclear energy does not mean giving up nuclear energy erj and stressing the need to restrict social and economic consequences. These decisions are for the region.

In addition, according to elements passed by Elysée to Reuters, the president also proposed changes in the structure that would deal with the group's challenges in nuclear, renewable energy and services. energy and networks.

These proposals ”must necessarily protect the integrity of the group and finance the tools and resources necessary for each activity Bu.

While the EDF, which has 83.7% of the capital of the French state, offers its proposals as part of a strategic plan prepared after the APP, the State "strengthens its share in the company's capital in relation to the specific problems and risks of its nuclear activity".

According to a source who knows the subject, one option is to regulate nuclear prices and to nationalize the EDF's power plants to protect the fleet from market and competition. renewable production assets, energy networks and services.

However, a nationalization of the nuclear fleet implies that the European competition authorities have now approved the new EDF sales price arrangements covered by the Arenh (Regulated Access to Nuclear Energy) mechanism. The Public Electrician regularly emphasizes the negative impact on the results.

Emmanuel Macron, "We will start working on a new arrangement of the current nuclear fleet, because the current system that allows the French to have the lowest electricity prices in Europe stands in 2025." about this.


The challenge of the French state would be to convince Brussels that nuclear energy is necessary and that the restructuring of EDF is not intended to support other activities.

Decisions about the nuclear fleet on Tuesday, although quite convenient to the group, wanted to wait until 2029 to start closing down other reactors from Fessenheim. expected.

EDF, an operation recorded in 2016, where French reactors accounted for an extension of the lifetime of the French reactors as part of its fleet for 40 to 50 years (even 60 years) – and the construction of new EPR type reactors in addition to the Flamanville (Canal).

. We can't make any decisions today about the construction of new reactors because we don't have urgent needs and we don't have the necessary perspective, Em said Emmanuel Macron.

The president, however, has asked the group to work on the development of a new nuclear program to have a competitive price commitment, and everything should be ready for the election in French in 2021. it can be a transparent and enlightened choice. "

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