Wednesday , June 16 2021

Macky to Sonko: “There are boundaries in a state that must be respected. It is not possible to do this …” (Senego Tv)

A rape by President, MP Ousmane Sonko, and death threats against masseuse Adji Sarr, facing Senegalese youth in Diamniadio.

“We shouldn’t believe for a moment that the state is weak”

“You know, dear young people, what has happened in our country lately. If Senegal was not a great democracy, believe me the results would be disastrous. It is impossible to wake up in a country to ruin everything, to ignite everything without such a consequence. No matter what Democrat we are, there are limits that everyone should respect. We shouldn’t believe for a moment that the state is weak. This would be a big mistake “He said the Head of State was on the sidelines of the Presidential Council on youth employment and socio-economic integration on Thursday, April 22nd.

And to add: “So we must respect civic values. This is how we can accompany you and help you. Not by dangling your dreams that you will be brought out of poverty. And whoever tells you, he’s cheating on you. the solution is what we do. You see, it’s concrete. So let’s work for the restoration of patriotic values. “

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