Tuesday , May 17 2022

Macky Sall & # 39; s Youssou Ndour & # 39; s raw facts in a so-called scramble


It's the end of the sterile debate. After meeting with the President of the Republic, the charges against President Macky Sall behind the creation of a press organ to destabilize the Future Media Group (Gfm) were highlighted. A few days ago.

At the end of this hearing by the President on his own initiative, it was revealed that there was no contradiction between President Macky Sall and Gfm Chief Executive Officer Youssou Ndour. recent rumors. Meeting with the planetary artist, the president said that he was not behind and behind any media like new creation and weakened Gfm.

During this meeting, held last week, you will be able to select & # 39; Super Etoile & # 39; The vocal leader of the house was invited by the tenant of the palace to eliminate many cases against him. Criticism consists mainly of the creation of a new press organ by some of its former employees and resignations of Gfm agents. It's rumor that President Sall is the one who's behind all this. Viral rumors. And in discussions like in social networks, President Sall was chosen as the ansör Armed Weapon ild or Silah shadow financier ild of this organization and only weakened the press attempt. The King of Mbalakh. What nenni! Then the Republican Alliance informed the leader, said the sources are hidden in the palace.

Starting with the changes between the two, it turned out that the president told the artist-artist that he did not want to undermine his own interests or harm them. Even better, if he really wanted to attack a newspaper, Walfadjri, who continued to drag him in the mud, would have been removed from the list of press companies in Senegal to this day. Macky Sall points out that the Sidy Lamine Niasse group is not subject to any compromise accounts, despite the morning, noon, and evening that they blame for false facts. And this, without worry. Despite all his mistakes, the Walfadjri says he never thought or acted to harm the interests of his group. So I told him orally that he had forgiven this group that continued to attack him and that he did not receive any attention from the press company's attack. An ally.

Youssou learned Dakaractu in Ndour, his interlocutor renewed his friendship. He let him know there was an ally in front of him. And he wants no interest in destabilizing an ally by supporting the creation of a press organ to weaken him (E-Media). "It doesn't concern me at all. If I really aimed to imbalance an organ of the press, I would focus on what belonged to an ally, a brother, a friend," said President Macky Sall, Youssou Ndour. Trying to weaken the ally or disrupt his balance is unthinkable for him. zayıf Sieur Ndour added.

During his discussions, President Macky Sall, who aimed to elucidate the Gfm's CEO's bid to eliminate any uncertainty – and this was, orally, contrary to all these accusations against him – was unfounded about his story of support for the newly created press business. .

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