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Louise Bourgoin remembers her past as a student at Beaux-Arts (VIDEO)

Louise Bourgoin, who was La Bande Original’s guest at Inter France on Monday, April 5, talked about her years of education in Fine Arts and her old original creations that her mother wanted to throw away.

A few hours before season 2 of the series airs Hippocrates Louise Bourgoin was the guest of the show from Monday, April 5, at 21:05 on Canal +. Original group de Nagui was aired on France Inter at the end of the morning. The opportunity to introduce the 39-year-old actor’s medical drama, as well as to look back on his career and his past. Before starting the comedy, the actor and friend of the musician Tanguy Destable studied Fine Arts.

An artistic career that doesn’t excite the family

From this period onwards, Ariane Louise Bourgoin, with her full name, has kept funny memories. On the microphones of our colleagues, star of the movies Love lasts three years and The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec He came back to the fact that his family always advised him to have a stable professional career, far from the life of an artist he has directed for years. “Like Thomas Lilti [le réalisateur de la série télévisée dans laquelle elle joue, ndlr] whose parent is the doctor! “she began by stating that her father and mother were teachers and wanted them to do the same job. “Employment Security” obtained thanks to “CDI”, also leads to “Permanent vacation”. “There was something reassuring for my parents but it worried me a lot, so I did the opposite and took the risk.”She told the former TV presenter and Miss Weather, who started filming for Anne Fontaine and her comedy in 2007. The Girl from Monaco.

“I wanted a living room complete with plastic guys”

Recalling the five years Louise Bourgoin spent at the Regional School of Fine Arts in Rennes, “kidnapped” many objects of primary functions and views. “It was fashionable and very postmodern”, remembered, claiming to have “Molded to make a table or chair from men”. Inspired “Allen Jones furniture”the famous British painter and sculptor drew attention to the actress. “it started from the sentence of a teacher who told me: “But actually do whatever you want at home!” So I told myself I wanted to have a living room complete with plastic guys. “. If she changed the décor, Louise Bourgoin didn’t get rid of her creations and piled everything up. “in the garage [sa] mother. “” Too spooky for neighbors “, assured with humor, and for example “penis ashtrays”. That bothered her father a little “I wish I could throw them”. The actress and former plastic arts teacher does not despair and sees herself well. “reveal them” one day to the public.

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