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Krépin Diatta, golden feet of AS Monaco

Krépin Diatta, golden feet of AS Monaco

Krépin Diatta, golden feet of AS Monaco

While blowing her candle this Thursday 22, Krépin Diatta is still a famous stranger in Ligue 1. But let’s get everything clear: the Senegalese international player Monaco bought in Bruges this winter is indeed the man who will brighten up your next few months.

26 June 2019: Senegal won the first match of the African Cup of Nations with a score of 2 to 0 against Tanzania. The protagonist of the Lions of Téranga was not named Sadio Mané – he was suspended due to this incident – who scored the second goal and a man who deserved the match with a trophy. The young actor suddenly discovers the other side of the coin on social networks, making fun of several imbecile faces. Among them, Ivorian singer Serge Beynaud or influencer Nora Pinging lynched after writing that she would never agree to marry a frog like herself, even for $ 50 million. The next day, rumors spread to the press, beginning with Didier Drogba’s fake support message or the actor’s alleged suicide attempt. But more is needed to destabilize Krépin, who, despite losing to Algeria in the final, was chosen as the best youth in the competition. Where others saw a mountain in this arduous test, Krépin Diatta only climbed a hump of speed.

“When I decided to call the stadium to let them know that we had an accident and could not play the game, Krépin told me” Coach no, we will play. ” Karafala Coly, his former coach

Is his expertise? Direct corner

Krépin Diatta was born in Ziguinchor in Casamance, Senegal’s most Catholic region. His first name is none other than the patron saint of the shoemakers who designed free shoes for the poor. It’s a manual skill that the Diatta family doesn’t have. “Our possibilities were very limited. We did not have enough money to buy shoes in Krépin. He played barefoot or in torn sandals.”details his brother Yvon on a weekly basis Read more in the article on

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