Wednesday , November 25 2020

Julien Tanti (LMvsMonde5): Candidates living in Dubai arguing with Jessica Thivenin, the next shot of Marseilles … He admits (EXCEPT)

Julien Tanti has just shared some special secrets with us and we invite you to discover them right below.

A few days ago, Julien Tanti told us about the problems game, the story between Benjamin Samat and Victoria, and gave us a piece of information about Greg. In this second episode of the interview, the sister returns to her discussion with Jessica Thivenin, the next shoot of the Marseilles and candidates who come to live in Dubai. And as always, Julien Tanti speaks to us without jargon. We let you see it right below where you can discover its exclusive secrets. And right after, we invite you to test your knowledge about Marseille week 12 and the rest of the 5th Earth.

Julien tanti
Julien Tanti – Credit (s): Instagram julientantiplein

melty: You and Manon have recently moved to Dubai, what do you think of the fact that everyone lives there?

Julien Tanti: We will not hide it, we are safe here. I’ve been robbed 6 times and at one point you’re tired. I’m not talking on social media, but 6 thefts are not a problem. I gave. In Dubai, I don’t lock my door and sleep soundly. Security is priceless. If anyone comes here, it’s because you have to ask yourself questions. Maeva said she would come to Dubai immediately after the attack.

melty: Absolutely, when he finds a house, you’ll soon invite him to your home, can’t you wait?

Julien Tanti: I am giving him a stay! She thinks it’s going to be a tavern, but don’t worry!

melty: Will the next shoot of Marseilles be in Dubai?

Julien Tanti: The production targets several countries and they see which one is best for shooting. Perhaps Dubai was in their little newspaper as well as other destinations.

melty: Jazz recently announced that Marseillais was disgusted if they were filmed in Dubai, what do you think about their reaction?

Julien Tanti: I’m not sure what he’s doing. Maybe if he says it’s because he has to do something. When you know you have a real monster coming and turning in front of you, you wonder what to do … 1000 viewers? (Laughs). That’s the problem!

melty: According to rumors, this shooting will be postponed to 2021?

Julien Tanti: It’s Christmas in less than a month. So we’re not going to shoot. But we have already left for shooting in January and February. Nothing is put off. There are only slightly blocked targets and then we’ve already done something around the world. When leaving, you should find a target where the weather is good. But whatever happens, we’ll be shooting soon.

melty: Are you still ready to run into trouble?

Julien Tanti: Right now we’ll start the problem cooking game!

Melty: Can you tell us more about your confusion with Jessica Thivenin?

Julien Tanti: I discovered a different Jessica than I know. It disappointed me so much. Afterward, I don’t prefer to talk too much about all this. I’ve been fine until now. I do not want to dwell on the subject.

melty: Is it a word for Melty readers?

Julien Tanti: Thanks everyone. Thanks and thanks for following Les Marseillais Melty

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