Friday , September 24 2021

Jazz at Marciac: governor of Gers and security passing through his services

Xavier Brunetière, accompanied by the mayor Jean-Louis Guilhaumon, discussed all festival-related safety issues, before the Jazz at Marciac stage opened to welcome Robin McKelle and Gers governor Kimberose on Saturday (July 24th). Around the table on Tuesday, July 20, were Marie-José Lier (Red Cross), Robert Dupouy (White Cross), Colonel Pascal Segui, commander of the Auch gendarmerie group, and Colonel Ferres, director of Sdis 32.

Taking into account the distance rules, Jean-Louis Guilhaumon will reveal that the grand marquee offers 6,400 seats and that the bis festival will indeed take place in the town hall. On the other hand, merchants, restaurateurs and various peddlers who do not live in Marciac and often have stands in the village will not be featured in this 43rd edition.

Security problems

As for the governor of Gers, Gers reminds him that safety issues are important and must take place in good conditions. “This is an important event for the department,” he says, “we don’t want a second summer at Gers without Jazz in Marciac”.

Also, taking into account the success of “the evolution of texts imposing a sanitary pass from 50 people”, all measures related to the wearing of mandatory masks, including the covered road, will be taken accordingly. And if by chance those who come to the festival don’t get their health certificates, they will “have the chance to be tested in a room in the old kindergarten every day from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, greeted by a doctor and two nurses,” says Marie-José Lier of the Red Cross. It is planned to receive about fifty vaccinations a day, which will also be available to those who come to the festival. “We will contribute to the national effort for vaccines,” underlines Jean-Louis Guilhaumon.

On the security side, Colonel Pascal Segui said, “With the participation of mobile gendarmes from Mirande, the number of gendarmes will be much higher than in previous years, and two pedestrian and mobile patrols will be on duty every day from 15.00. We will also ensure that the sanitary rules are fully complied with.”

As for personal assistance, Colonel Ferres permanently confirms the presence of 10 firefighters and this complements civil security.

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