Thursday , March 4 2021

He is posing as a terrorist on a selfie and is warned on a plane.

A passenger accompanying the picture of the word "terrorist" received a warning on a plane in India after taking a selfie.

The local police published a picture of the word "terrorist" in the Snapchat practice: a passenger descended from an Indian plane and was interrogated by law enforcement for a long time, local police reported on Tuesday. Uşakçı Poddar, 21, was dismissed on Monday before a Jet Airways took off from a passenger passing a Kolkata-Bombay airplane and sitting behind him.

Second, on her phone he saw a picture of her showing a picture of her with a handkerchief in Snapchat bringing with him 39 the terrorist on board yar I broke the hearts of women İkin. Believing theft was released without being investigated before the young man was interrogated for about ten hours.

"We questioned him excessively, couldn't find any connection with terrorist acts, it was just a message to his friends and there was no intention of threatening or harming anyone," a senior Calcutta police official, Avvaru Ravindranath, told AFP.

In a statement, Jet Airways said a passenger had left for "security reasons". "Following the necessary controls for the destination of the plane, it was divided into a new program," he said. India's highly competitive airline industry has erupted in recent years with the emergence of a growing middle class. Air transport of 1.25 billion people in this country is growing by about 20% per year.

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