Wednesday , November 25 2020

Guendouzi changed things around

Mattéo Guendouzi (21), who was on loan from Arsenal to Hertha Berlin, made some changes in his surroundings to better manage his focus on his business. He clearly appreciates his experience in Germany.

Matteo guendouzi

“I had to have fun on the field and regain my confidence. It may have surprised some people, but they don’t know the German league. There have been discussions with my manager and with many clubs. But it was not held for certain reasons. You have to accept the management choices, but remember that I played 80 matches in 2 seasons with Arsenal in my career. I played less games and needed to have fun as I started with Arsenal. I changed a few things around me, I have a new environment with new people I can trust. Feel free and better “said in an interview with the midfielder, Telefoot.

Since his arrival, Guendouzi has appeared in 3 Bundesliga matches, 2 of which were initials.

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