Monday , May 16 2022

Google threatens news with tax on bridges


In mid-September, MEPs voted in favor of a text related to copyright in the digital age. Some innovations include the introduction of a tax form in hypertext links. Threatened by this directive, Google plans to close the News service.

Article 11 of the European Copyright Directive states that the tax on clicks on bridges will take effect in different countries of the Union.

Richard Gingras, vice president of the news section of the search engine, said: An interview with The Guardian that the company he is working on is seriously considering ending Google News. And this "evaluates" in response to European offersIf the excerpts from the articles appear in the search results, they are designed to compensate for the distressed news editors."

However, Google will not make any decisions unless a final text is accepted. If the Silicon Valley company does not have political power, persuasion is important. In 2014, Richard Gingras reminded how the giant should close the news service in Spain after a similar law came into force. This decision revealed the audience of the Spanish media.

Win-win relationship with digital printing

Google still doesn't expect to go there. These European key players include traditional media that have accused Google of sucking most of their advertising revenue. On the other hand, the news service is a window open to digital content.

If the company is going to enforce the threat, it will have an impact on the digital media area: loss of readers to reduce advertising revenue and subscribers. In the battle between Google and Brussels, the US firm is trying to tackle the media that are already too much, and the media that is not actually available for news agencies. .

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