Monday , June 27 2022

Google encourages us to adopt greener behaviors


Google wants to encourage its users to make eco-friendly decisions, such as choosing a route that consumes less fuel. car instead of faster. There is a tech giant announcement A few Wednesday updates from services in this direction. Google Mapsfor example, it will default to less polluting trips when the arrival time is similar.

Deployed first in the United States and then in Europe in 2022, this functionality is “ will have the same effect as removing 200,000 cars from the road next year », reassured the boss of the group, Sundar Pichaiat a press conference on Tuesday.

The Californian group will also add information on various online consumer services. Search engine to find flights therefore emissions from CO2 – higher for a premium seat that takes up more space. Similar data will be provided for hotels, financial services or electronic devices. ” Our aim is to facilitate ecological choices. said Sundar Pichai.

GoogleLike its Silicon Valley neighbors, it regularly communicates about its investments. energies sustainable and contribute to the fight global warming.

« Individually these choices may seem small, but when you multiply them (…) you get significant transformations for the planet. », Boss added.

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