Monday , March 1 2021

Google accuses users of manipulation to "spy"

On Tuesday, seven European consumer organizations seized national regulators accusing Google users of "overseeing" their actions in violation of new rules on data protection, the European Bureau of Consumer Associations (BEUC) announced.

In the complaint filed in Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Sweden, the Norwegian Consumer Agency's "US giant" misleading information that it uses and decides to continuously monitor Users.

Iş Google processes highly detailed and detailed personal data without proper legal basis, and data is obtained through manipulation techniques, ler said Gro Mette Moen, senior official at the Norwegian organization.

They are criticized for tracking their users through the "Location History" and "Web Activity and Applications" settings that have been placed in all Google Accounts.
Ü Location data can show a lot about a person: movements in real time, frequent places, daily routines, interests, etc. isi, the Norwegian organization complains. "Continuous monitoring of location-related data and gathering location information over time can be used to draw very detailed portraits of individuals and to remove their religious beliefs, political tendencies and sexual orientation among other things," he said. He said.

The organization is seeking an interim injunction to intercept the investigation, Google's "illegal" practices and a "deterrent" fine against the group.

According to the Norwegian study, this constant monitoring, according to the Statcounter site, is particularly difficult to avoid with the Android operating system, which provides almost 70% of mobile phones (Samsung, Huawei) in Europe.

”Google's data is quite well-known, but how wrong is it for users to track them and make money?” Said Monique Goyens, Director of BEUC. "The situation is more than worrying: smartphones are used to watch all movements." The Dutch consumer association Consumentenbond said, "You have to stand in this hidden thread."

Google responded by saying, çalışmak work continuously to improve their controls Google. "Location History is disabled by default and can be edited, deleted or paused at any time, and helps improve services, such as traffic estimates on your route, if enabled." He answered the Californian group. "If you pause, we can always collect and use location data to improve your Google experience, depending on your individual phone and settings," he said.

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