Monday , June 14 2021

Flogging of Christine Lagarde against the elites

Christine Lagarde, President of the International Monetary Fund, expressed concern about the political evolution of the world.

Christine Lagarde worried. Not according to the global economic situation, which is "not worrying in the state". But the political evolution of the world confronted the rise of populist regimes and the economic consequences it might have. This is in an interview with Echoes, director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

He explains that elites aren't aware of the risks. "After the 2008 crisis, there was a keen awareness of what was to be done: to regulate specific financial sectors, to stimulate economies, to refuse protectionism, to protect and improve cooperation." . The financial arrangement continues here and here under the pretext of the return of the simplification here, irme Christine Lagarde warned.

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"Donald Trump is right at many points."

The former Minister of Economy develops the role that the IMF can play in this evolution of the political world: “The IMF considers that the response, in particular the services (multi-tariff), resulted in more openings. productivity, but as a result, globalization should evolve in a different way, with better respect for the rules of the game, the environment and a deliberate concern for the inclusion of peoples ".

So, for Christine Lagarde, Donald Trump … there's "many reasons". Orsa Free competition should be a 'fair' in all areas,: he says, attending the US president at this point, rek and he sees Trump's win in the tug-of-war with China: The method can help advance the trade, but this will not be the case.

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An anti-globalization appeal

He has recently called GAFA to limit tax optimization and ensures that the euro zone is not broken. He also supports the reforms initiated by Emmanuel Macron: "For us, the reform of public spending is still a must in the government." Apart from the impulses of planning, we're waiting to see how everything goes. France has a lot of presence and the expectation of France in the world is real and powerful Fransa.

Christine Lagarde, with a call to avoid globalization in the coming years, concludes: son We have to find ways to get back to a more open global economy with identities, cultures and languages. Larda It would be extremely dangerous to return to the old trade borders. We need to reinvent another globalization, a new multilateralism. "

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