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Famous television host Oprah Winfrey mourning

Famous American television presenter Oprah Winfrey is mourning. His mother, 83-year-old Vernita Lee, died on Thursday (November 22nd) at Thanksgiving in his family home in Winsconsin, USA.

The family confirmed the death and the nephew of Oprah, Alisha Hayes, gave more details on social media.

In 1954, Vernita Lee and Vernon Winfrey gave birth to Oprah Winfrey. As he moved to Milwaukee to work as a cleaner, Oprah Winfrey He lived his first years with his grandmother. His mother, only 19 years old, could not take care of him.

At the age of six he became one of the world's leading animators and lived with his mother, Vernita Lee, in Milwaukee.

Oprah explained that her relationship with her mother was difficult because of the long separation. But their relationship has finally developed. Billionaire, the mother of the television series set up in 1990.

Vernita, Oprah and his sister Patricia Amanda Faye Lee and grandchildren Alisha Hayes, Chrishaunda Lee Perez, Aquarius Lofton and Andre Brown and grandchildren Jaxon Praise Perez, Chai Theresa Perez, Donovan Hayes and Trinity Hayes.

A special funeral service was already done.

USA: Famous television presenter Oprah Winfrey mourns

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