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Everything you need to know about the appeal of Barthélémy Dias …


On April 17, 2018, Barthélémy Dias was sentenced to six months' imprisonment by the Dakar court, because of the disrespect of the court and the incitement of an unauthorized community rejected by a court order.

After Mac was sentenced to six months' imprisonment in Rebeuss, Mermoz-Sacré Coeur's dedication saved freedom on Sunday, September 30, 2018. Jean Paul Dias' son opposed the accusations against the prison. his record.

Today, November 07, 2018, one of the most loyal companions of the former mayor of Dakar Khalifa Sall returned on Wednesday but is currently traveling out of the country without further presence of its lawyers including Me Ciré Clédor Ly.

At 9:55 pm the judge, his assistants, the public prosecutor and a civil servant at the hearing of the case are appearing in court at room six (6) in the Third Court of Appeal of the Court of Cassation. Dakar. From the Barthélémy Dias camp, only a black dress, Me Khouraichi Ba, to get his defense.

At the beginning of the trial, Barthélémy reminds us of the reasons for six months of imprisonment and refuses a political hearing instead of a case without denying all charges against him.

"I didn't annoy any magistrate! At first the judge didn't want to listen to me. He wanted to punish me. The government wants to have all of the opponents in prison, at all costs, wants to take me as an example of attacking others or annihilating others. We have a presidential ambition and we have (Khalifa Sall) In February 2019 we will do everything to show itself.

He continued: "I have never insulted a judge. I confess that my statements may wear out, but I have never addressed addressing magistrates. I am here for political reasons, and this makes me ask why I was arrested as each election approached?"

Serene in his case showed that the mayor of Dias, Dias, was before the judge a great restraint, a wisdom high in his greed, the elimination of insult, because so far, he was the victim of the "long arm" of executive power over the judiciary.

As for the liberation of his colleague, Me Khouraichi Bale, wholeheartedly in honor of Me El Hadji Diouf, six (6) people were arrested in the Dakar court Wednesday (December 7th, 2018). Allegedly at the same time plea, philosopher and imam, the lawyer of Assane Diouf 's attention attracted the audience.

"Justice is being judged today … Barthélémy is someone we should not sacrifice or dislike. He loves his country, not a thug, nor a drug trafficker and anything else. Fatah Diouf was first known before a sophisticated theory reminiscent of the Socratic maieutics who gave rise to the spirits for the triumph of truth, and the Court did not like this technique, and Me Diouf then snapped.

For the black dress, Barthélémy Dias is only a victim of his critique of the city's affairs. He says: söyl In a country where criticism and self-criticism are left aside, with development. It is an unacceptable decision because it is subjective and not objective, as it decides to give Barthélémy as a person who rejects a court order or insults the judge B.

"The judges in this case have responded to a lack of arguments, knowing that they have no arguments. Only the place where people are imprisoned for their thoughts in Senegal. The judge is almost untouchable here, and he believes in the throne of his beliefs and tends to crush anyone touching a small part of his black dress. God will forgive. Everyone will be tried tomorrow, no one will escape the trials of Almighty … You have to think about it! ".

In the light of El Hadji Diouf's statement to the prosecutor, “freedom of expression does not mean that we have the right to say anything we want to say. If we can say what anyone wants and say, the anarchy we will build in this country will be irregular. Barthéle must know where others' freedom begins and where the law stands.

At the end of the defense, approximately 13 hours 30 minutes, the judge takes the floor and deliberately announces December 12, 2018. Barthélémy evacuated the world of frauds, consisting of justice, activists and sympathizers from Dias. Lawyers and journalists.

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