Thursday , May 19 2022

E-commerce: Sector contributes 6% to Senegal's GDP


According to Mohamed Hapté Sow, director of Jumia Senegal, e-commerce is the share of e-commerce in CFA's 16.37 billion CFAs in Senegal's gross domestic product. It requires continuous efforts to promote this sector in a statement. However, the banking rate in Senegal is low, E-commerce growth becomes problematic.

Alternative measures such as cell phone wallet and others are needed. Jumia was adapted to the realities of the local market and the sociology of the Senegalese consumer. Thus, the cash payment after receiving the parcel is the preferred customer method. 99% orders to verify delivery. However, Senegal has been growing strongly in mobile wallet payments, "he writes.

The company is organizing the third edition of Black Friday between 16 November and 7 December for the development of the industry. A three-week promotion.

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