Thursday , August 11 2022

Donald Trump, Rihanna …



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This is a very difficult message for US President Donald Trump's supporters. According to Times Magazine employees, singer Rihanna issued a message on twitter that she warned the US president not to be shot at Republican party meetings.

If we were to follow the Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker's tweet, Rihanna's songs were played during the campaign for mid-term elections last Sunday:

Şey Millions of times were said, but a million and once to be said: Trump rallies are nothing like politics. At the moment, Rihanna's hediye Stopping Music Tr sound will be heard in Chattanooga as a sports match, giving volunteers free Trump T-shirts to the crowd. Everyone loves it, "she tweeted.

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A few minutes after reading this tweet by Philip Rucker, Barbados' s citizen reacted:


"For a longer time …" he tweeted. Tir Neither I, nor my people will go to one of these tragic meetings (in this context can be translated by & # 39; my fans & # 39; my friends & # 39;). Thanks for letting me know, Philip! "

It should be said that Rihanna is very opposed to Donald Trump's republican politics. He also gave his name to the list of artists who refused to attend meetings of the President of the United States of America. A few days ago, Pharrell Williams threatened Trump with cases for the same reasons. Axel Rose also asked that Guns N & # 39; Roses songs not be shown at these meetings.

Despite this rejection, which is explicitly stated by some, Trump can rely on support for singers like 50 cents and Kanye West.



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