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Depeche – Successful comics, "Future of Arabic" six volumes can be counted


In the bookstores translated into twenty languages, the draft, "Arabs of the Future," could be counted in a total of six volumes, and the painting was only an object from its painter Riad Sattouf's 40 years. Exhibition in Pompidou Center.

"I have a passion: to make the legends legible for people who know nothing about it. It's my belief," he says, his character Esther (on television) juggles the adaptation of the TV pellets) and writing success to the saga.

"I think there will be six volumes," he told AFP.

The first three volumes of the family epic sold more than 1.5 million copies. The release of the 4th volume in September (more intense than the previous ones) was an event, especially because it was called the kiler family secret with the black hole surrounding the entire series 4.. After opening this darker section, the painter aims at a publication that is normally "2019" in the following volume.

"Frequently asked questions, how do you draw, what technique are you using, were you really blond, was your village (in Syria)?" Says. an interview.

The # Riad Sattouf, handwriting t exhibition in the library of the Pompidou Center in Paris tries to answer so many answers (until March 11th). There are original drawings and photos collected from the designer.

Seç When I was a child, in this loyalty conflict (a Breton mother and a Syrian father, ed), I chose another identity, the book creators, I chose the comic books, “he says. Also, "When I meet a Japanese designer, I feel closer to myself than my baker."

Had he not taken part in the installation of the exhibition, Riad Sattouf would be delighted to be able to recognize the work and influence of his readers (Hergé, Sempé, Goscinny …).

"When I write my writings, text and image come at the same time, the comic book is a language, like Hergé, trying to read as good as possible, a reference in the fluidity of reading," emphasizes there. With Sempé and Goscinny, little Nicolas will share the taste of their fathers, children or young people.

Şu The child's point of view helps to dramatize the world's largest, in said Esther & # 39; s character, 9 to 18 years old girl closely follows the daily life of a girl, for the time being, 14).

Or This project: witnessing the construction of moral values, how it looks to the world, how it affects society, and how brands are reaching it, “he says. But there is no moral question in his books. Bildir I'm letting the reader declare his opinion, “he adds.

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