Sunday , February 28 2021

Debt to private institutions: the state promises to pay 3 billion more in the coming days (Minister)

Dakar, November 26 (APS) – The state of Senegal, which has paid three billion FCFA to private universities for private universities, will pay its debts in the coming days to reduce the amount of debt it will pay. On Monday, the Minister of Higher Education, Mary Teuw Niane, must announce between 16 and 10 billion FCFA.

According to the report of the National Education, Youth, Sports and Recreation Committee, ministers recalled that the state's debts in private institutions were estimated at 16 billion CFA francs.

This debt forced these universities to send back the students who were managed by the state to demand payment. In turn, the state decided to make the first payment of three billion.

Mary Teuw Niane stated that there was an ın open dialogue “with the heads of these private institutions.

"Since 2014, the state has paid more than $ 31 billion to private universities," he said. Mint went to the National Assembly on Monday to review the 2019 budget of the ministry.

According to the report, the heads of private higher education institutions "dismissal, the student refused to return to the action" called.

In addition, the Minister announced that 47.427 new graduates were transferred to private higher education institutions between 2013-2011.

He also stressed that the state has paid a total of 400,000 CFA francs per year to all undergraduate students.

According to him, only 10% of license holders are elected per student, 600 000 CFA per year and per student.

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