Thursday , August 11 2022

Criminal silence of sub-regional States


The deaths on the ground, leading to the spread of a resolute opposition to fight the government, set the stage currently in effect in Guinea.

And if he decided decisively to suppress the opposition's demonstrations in front of an Alpha Condée, there is a Cellou Dalein Diallo, who is now determined to go to the end of the war. The leader of the opposition, in fact, decided to use his right to demonstrate that he was not duly displayed in the Constitution, replacing a display case. He promises not to make any concessions or make promises regarding the political agreement before the municipal and local elections. It's a broken deal, especially in Kindia.

The rest of Africa, and especially the countries of the sub-region, are moving in silence, such as the rights of human rights, such as the ICC. famous As an international community, Guinea is moving towards chaos that could lead to genocide. Indeed, beyond the issue of political power, there is a rivalry between Malinke's well-armed for military and unarmed Peulhs, who represent a large part of the opposition. And as things go on, Cellou Dalein Diallo's life is seriously threatened. Moreover, a source of the Dakar news is clear about this:unfortunately, the country is at risk of falling into generalized violence.. "

For now, spiral publications-prints have come to an end on both sides, especially in the case of many victims of opposition, as can be seen in the photographs published in one of the earlier publications of Dakar news. an example of a police officer lying on the ground and Peulhs was violently killed).

What is the risk of Senegal?
" victim With its geographic proximity to Guinea, Senegal is no longer immune to demographic instability. Indeed, with the emergence of an open conflict, we must be prepared for the prospect of receiving between 3.4 and 5 million Guinea refugees, as there is now a void ethnic division. Therefore, despite the task of not intervening in the functioning of a sovereign state, solutions should be designed to save the peace and serenity of Guinea.
The situation to be followed closely …

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