Thursday , March 4 2021

Canada: Parliament Approves Concerned Factor Strike

Ottawa, November 27, 2018 (AFP) – The Senate is expected to return to normal Tuesday in Canada, after a controversial bill is concluded on Monday, which would result in more than a month's strike issue. It threatens online trading before the end of the year.

The upper house voted on Monday night in favor of 50 (in favor of the 25 opposing) text issued by Justin Trudeau's Liberal government, after working all weekend with this measure passed in the House of Commons on Friday night.

"Royal Assent" – a simple procedure that transforms a bill passed from both houses into law – taken in the evening, this law should come into force on Tuesday.

In practice, this law put an end to an alternative strike by Parastatal company employees in Canada, pushing their return to work after more than a month of work and commissioning a mediator to double the social conflict. parties to find common ground.

In the event that the latter fails, the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement for new postal workers will be implemented by the government.

"The decision to vote for a law (specifically) was not taken lightly," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said before Monday's federal lawmakers. Said. "For almost a year we have done everything to encourage both sides to negotiate an agreement, and we encourage both sides to conclude."

Under the pressure of the e-commerce industry in a Christmas with "Black Friday" and "Cyber ​​Monday" balances and in a Christmas, the federal government was resolved to introduce a bill last week in an emergency to end the conflict.

Since October 22, postal workers have been monitoring a "major strike", causing temporary suspension of mail deliveries in many major cities, and thousands of parcels waiting to be delivered across the country.

Faced with this block, the Canadian parapublic asked his foreign counterparts to suspend sending mail to the country 10 days ago.

The factoring union calls for new employees to respond to a 30% increase in parcel deliveries due to the online trade boom that needs to be further increased by the legalization of recreation cannabis in Canada. October 17th.

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