Friday , March 5 2021

Barça pays better (more) than NBA teams

FC Barcelona is a club that rewards the best in the world in front of Real Madrid and NBA dealers.

Being a football player in FC Barcelona or Real Madrid pays more than a basketball player in the NBA. This is the result of the latest study by Sporting Intelligence and is ranked according to the salaries paid to the players by the clubs. Barça is the one who pays the best in front of his rival Liga. On average, Blaugranas will in fact be satisfied with 11.8 million euros per year and Merengues with 9.1 million euros per season.

Clearly, when stars like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo carry the colors of the White House, they are pushing those figures with salaries exceeding 30m euros. However, the trend is divided into two Spanish football giants in 2017, the fourth (€ 7.5 million) and the ninth (€ 7.0 million), respectively. They are now more expensive than most powerful NBA dealers.

Last year, Oklahoma City Thunder dropped to third place (€ 8.9 million). Then follow the Golden State Warriors, double defense champion (8.8 M €) and Washington Wizards (8.6 M €) in a league where a salary cover is applied. If Juventus Turin (€ 7.6 million) and Manchester United (€ 7.4 million) are in the top 10, the PSG falls to the 5th with 18th place (EUR 6.9 million), but far beyond that. The second club OM in France is at the 128th place (€ 2.4 million).

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