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Aya Nakamura's beautiful movement towards a handicapped

Within a few months, he will start his tour of Aya Nakamura in France. In May 2019, the young singer with the wind in her sails will perform at Le Havre. The seats were quickly sold and the singer hit the young. One of her fans couldn't buy the concert venue while she dreamed to see her on stage.

His father sent a twitter text to ask for help so his daughter could go to a concert. Her father Zakaria Wallace spoke directly to Aya Nakamura. Adam requested the singer for the benefit of a disabled girl to offer her a concert. Second, he couldn't buy the ticket on time. The man hoped that the singer had seen the message and offered his daughter a place.

"A helping hand Aya Nakamura! My daughter is a disabled fan! She wants to see you in Le Havre at the concert but she wants more space than the first day … Stp, do something …" He wrote.

A message from Zakaria Wallace. 6200 times retweeted. Adam showed a photo of his daughter as a singer with two albums and as a fan. Aya Nakamura saw the message from the man and didn't have time to respond to him. He even offered a seat for youngsters so he could meet his idol!

Zakaria Wallace 's father was very happy to receive a positive response from the star. Especially because many internet users criticized their message. Some criticized the fact that he emphasized his daughter's disability to buy concert tickets. In any case, it worked quite well and the singer did a very nice action!

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People: Aya Nakamura's beautiful movement towards a handicapped

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