Saturday , July 31 2021

An injury that worries Nacer Chadli: "He couldn't even breathe when he left the field …"

The Monaco player was substituted by PSG after 21 minutes. Belgian, slammed to the side, also seemed to have difficulty in daydreaming while leaving the grass.

So far, nothing shows that the next installments of Red Devils, facing Iceland and Switzerland, will be lost. Chadli is in the selection stage and will probably be forwarded when the afternoon group joins the group.

Monegasque asked the question about the injured, Thierry Henry did not trust … "How is our infirmary filled with 16 people? That's a really good question, but I can't answer! In any case, it starts to do a lot. This time, Nacer Chadli couldn't breathe even when he left the field … ", After the meeting, the French coach explained.

If Chadli leaves the team, players such as Thomas Foket or Jordan Lukaku can join the group. The player condition of Monaco must be known within days.

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