Saturday , November 28 2020

According to Me Bourdon, "Appreciation error"

William Bourdon of France 24 in which he was arrested chose to deny the report of the United Nations Human Rights Committee in the case of Karim Wade.

The Senegalese lawyer immediately requested the corpse of the UN, saying he did not want to correct the idea of ​​the UN Permanent Trial.

Değil The first Crei is not an exceptional judgment that has been created specifically for Mr. Karim Wade since 2012. It was created in 1981, an old one. proven institution. "

"I am a great advocate of multilateralism. He advocates the respect of States for decisions taken by various institutions that are part of the UN galaxy. However, sometimes there are mistakes. Sometimes there is a wrong legal assessment."

The French lawyer believes that the court has been misinformed in the case and in court before accepting the report's findings, rather than weakening its momentum, as a lack of objection. Ir There are all jurisdictions not only in France (not the Republic of Justice Court), but also in other jurisdictions there are European countries that do not have the right to appeal. I have the greatest respect for the organs of the United Nations, but it seems to be an error of appreciation for good, complex procedural issues … "

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