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A village in the Doctor State

30 years have passed since the documentary Estates General invaded the small town of Lussas in mid-August. For a week, directors, producers, journalists, students, or simple enthusiasts meet to explore, discuss, and exchange reality images.

A crazy bet 30 years ago

At the beginning of this beautiful story, a group of curious, from Lussas and its surroundings, who created this crazy idea in the summer, creates a meeting point around the images of reality and documentary creation. At the beginning of the group, Jean-Marie Barbe, a citizen of the country returning from the capital, was able to unite energies, persuade financiers, and elect officials to the highest summit of the state. Since its first steps in 1989 with poorly adapted projections, in places temporarily held, the event has gradually developed, becoming one of the most important events of the genre nationally, adhering to the initial values. even internationally. An uncompetitive festival with a deeply marked editorial line on three axes: first, several sessions suggested seminars and workshops that developed a theoretical reflection on cinema. Then, professional meetings also offer privileged times for change, and finally the third strong point is the reflection of exceptional documentary work, films or films that allow to explore or re-examine the evolution of the documentary genre in a particular country.

Five screening rooms in the village

On the practical side, Etats Généraux version 2019, offers five viewing rooms, one outdoors and a video library for morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Professional internships vary in camera sessions and courses at the event. In the evenings, open sessions, screenings in surrounding villages and home screenings further enhance programming.

This is 31to edition will open this Sunday, outdoors at night Tie Étienne Chaillou and Mathias Théry.

Beyond being the capital of the documentary film for a week, Lussas was home to different assets, production boxes, distributions … that federated for a year around a symbolic place called ali Imaginary …. A new building dedicated to the professions of image and creation, which includes a dozen companies and the unity of the documentary industry for a certain period of time: formation, realization, production, diffusion …

In the era of scams and prefabricated "reality", these General Real Estate is an excellent opportunity to attract themselves passionately into the process of creating images of facts.

Information: 04 75 94 28 06

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