Saturday , July 31 2021

Yousra Masoudi draws attention at the end of the Carthage Festival

Tunisian artist Yousra Massoudi kidnapped
Carthage wore a white embroidered dress at the closing ceremony of the Film Festival.
Shahrazad Al Waslati.

Yousra recently attended the Alexandria Festival
The film received positive reactions with his role of "Omar Khristo".

"Omar Hristo" starring Dominique Hourani
Wesra Masoudi, Ahmed al-Tohami, Samy Maghawari, Yaser Al-Tobji, Atef Abdul Latif and Reham
The story of Saint and Martina Adel, Atef Abdul Latif, and screenplay and dialogue Joseph Fawzi, Director of Photography
Michael Georgi, led by Saif Youssef.

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