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Victory of Nazmi: We will live without oil or gas during the day and you will not see someone driving Saudi News Thursday, 15 November 2018, 05:15


Citizen – Abdul Malik Al-Samih – Riyadh

Nayem is the country of the future and it is the country of how the world will look in the future.

"It is a great challenge for us and it is a good challenge for us to say," Al-Nasr said at a conference on the future of community life at the 3rd MESC Forum in Riyadh. Said.

"We announced the project in 2017, and then people see that they are a bit silent and actually mobilize people next year," he said.

We think that strategic action ”involves identifying what the current reality we're doing to build the future and what it will look like at the end of strategic work bir and belirlen what we're going to look like are creating an economy for naming, deciding what the new economy will grow and what growth will be. Stratejik Economic sectors to be established Today, we have identified 16 sectors from renewable energy, health, biotechnology and education to tourism, sports and leisure, all of which will determine the genetic factor of Nium, which will last for several months. New day. "

”As a Saudi citizen, I can only say that Neum is one of the most beautiful areas in Saudi Arabia, because it is located on the seafront and has a quiet and beautiful coastline longer than 500 kilometers,“ he said. This first challenge: How do we protect this beautiful environment? "

Neum, the name Neum, added that the Phnomium is another challenge to represent the new future: it is now, always, and never, and on any day after hundreds and thousands of years, Neum is the country of the future. This is an evolution of how the future will look. Valid for future generations.

"We are looking for a community that will provide a healthy, creative and innovative life for our citizens. We see a young developing country in order to differentiate in all sectors. The lifestyle will be healthy and there will be genetic factors that will lead people to discrimination. We want the citizens to balance life between excellence, Produce the recipe for what the future will look like. gel

He said the robots would be "members of our population, so that they would not only cover people who were walking and talking, but robots would be part of this community and Niom would only include renewable energy." We believe in a community based on clean energy. "

”Oil and gas will not be a part of Nyum,“ he said. Kullanan We are looking for transportation vehicles that will include unmanned aircraft and unmanned vehicles. Uz You will not see a vehicle driver and you will see electric cars. "

He said that the world was excited for the day and that we had great cooperation and great partnership with the world's most important scientists and future workers and dreamers, because they see Niom as a great opportunity to realize the future quickly.

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