Tuesday , October 4 2022

Unemployment crisis: 26 percent of young Arab men and women are unemployed


  • Nagham Qassem and Serena Gookeh
  • BBC News in Arabic

Taha from Jordan and Nadia from Egypt
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Among the groups that lost their jobs, women and the disabled are the most affected.

From his balcony overlooking a narrow street in one of Cairo’s neighborhoods, Ali Sharda talks about what has become a luxury of life after years of unemployment. “No meat, no chicken.” These foods cannot be bought, I only eat them when invited by relatives.

In his thirties, divorced and hotelied, Ali spends most of his day looking for jobs online and in the newspapers to care for his only child. But the dream of finding a job coincides with the dreams of millions of unemployed youth in the Arab region.

The latest report from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) and the International Labor Organization shows that the Arab region has recorded the highest unemployment rate in the world. . ILO statistics estimate that before the Corona crisis, more than 26% of youth in the Arab world were unemployed.

Ali has applied for jobs at many companies and hotels in hopes of finding work in his field, but said his efforts were “rejected for a variety of reasons, from middlemen to inadequate training certificates or appearance and attire.”

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