Saturday , June 12 2021

Two deaths in Jeddah and Taif were caused by rain

We thank you for reading two deaths in Jeddah and Taif because of the rain, and now we start with details.

Jeddah – Follow Gulf 365 – Taif:

As a result of the collapse of Brix, a person died in Jeddah, another person was injured as a result of a room ceiling falling.

Mecca District Civil Defense spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed al-Qarni, the team started the reports on Friday morning 08:00 in Jeddah on Saturday morning, 19 reports by the United Operations Center, he said. The rain was mild to moderate to heavy.

In Taif, the teams started with four reports, one person died after a traffic accident, one person was injured in a traffic accident, seven vehicles were rescued, the rain was light and moderate. And the amount of rain and Straits and Wadi Arna valleys was medium-heavy.

Civil Defense spokesman stated that a message was recorded in Al-Leith and that a person was injured as a result of the fall of the house decoration, the rain was light and medium, there was a report in Khulais and the rain was medium to medium. Wadi Wadi and Bahl. In the governorships of the patrols, the amount of rain was mild, with the valleys of Abyan, the Valley al-Khaitan, Wadi al-Hafian, Wadi Qnuna, Wadi al-Mallah and Wadi Hadra.

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